Assyrian baby names project (Brikha) is the ultimate portal (website and application) of Assyrian baby names, the project is for our families to browse through lists of Assyrian baby names for the new born.
This project is a collaboration of efforts by Sizar Hozaya, for collecting, arranging and putting together the entire names lists. And Ninos Hozaya – PIT Designs, for creating the website, and mobile application.

Key Features

Our plan is to create the best experience for our families, to make the task of finding the perfect name, for the new born, a fun and easy task. With this in mind, we have created the website and mobile application with key features:

  • Each name has meaning in English and Arabic
  • The names are transcript in Syriac and Arabic
  • Phonetics pronunciation
  • The mobile applications has a History (recently viewed) option
  • Dynamic search with live results as you type

Assyrian Baby Names – Brikha

The Brikha – Assyrian Baby Names, project is free to download and use by anyone. No hidden fees, the data may NOT be re-distributed, on other applications or sites for profit.

If you have any comments or add to the list, feel free to contact us.